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Biodiesel is a domestic, renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from natural oils like soybean oil, and which meets the specifications of ASTM D 6751.

Biodiesel can be used in any concentration with petroleum based diesel fuel in existing diesel engines with little or no modification. Biodiesel is not the same thing as raw vegetable oil. It is produced by a chemical process that removes the glycerin from the oil.

Biodiesel is made through a chemical process called transesterification whereby the glycerin is separated from the fat or vegetable oil. The process leaves behind two products -- methyl esters (the chemical name for biodiesel) and glycerin (a valuable byproduct usually sold to be used in soaps and other products).

We offer several analytical instruments for the quality control of biodiesel fuel, including the FluidScan for on-site or laboratory analysis of glycerin and contaminants.

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FluidScan for Biodiesel

A handheld instrument used to montior your Biodiesel quality.